Margaret Ann Anderson – 1st child of James Anderson and Sussanah Anderson

Margaret Ann ANDERSON                      James WEIR

b. 1879

at Maclean, NSW

d. 18th August 1896

at Maclean / Lawrence, NSW

Margaret and James were married at Maclean, NSW on the 30th May 1893. They were to have one child before Margaret died, aged 19 years: James/Thomas Daniel WEIR b. 15th June 1895 at Maclean, NSW.

Margaret is buried in the Lawrence Cemetery. James Weir remarried in 1903 to Annie PEARSON and they went on to have a large family of ten children, as detailed below:


Amelia (Milly) WEIR                                                            b. 24th September 1903

Florence Rose WEIR                                                           b. 30th April 1904

Margurita Eliza (Madge) WEIR                                         b. 15th January 1906

James William WEIR                                                          b. 7th June 1907

Edward Walter (Eddie) WEIR                                            b. 28th July 1909

Albert Samuel (Bert) WEIR                                                  b. 12th January 1913

Kenneth Douglas WEIR                                                     b. 29th July 1914

Victor Harold WEIR                                                             b. 26th January 1916

Horatio Milton (Ray) WEIR                                                 b. 31st August 1918

Laura WEIR                                                                          b. adopted.