James Frederick Anderson – 3rd child of James Anderson and Sussanah Anderson

James Frederick ANDERSON              Florence Annabella BUTCHER

b. 28th July 1882                                              b. 26th June 1885

at Chatsworth Island, NSW                           at Sportsman’s Creek, near Lawrence, NSW

d. 30th July 1952                                               d. 23rd December 1970

at Lawrence, NSW                                           at Murwillumbah, NSW

James Anderson and Florence BUTCHER were married on the 8th August 1905 at the Methodist Parsonage in Maclean, NSW. James listed his occupation as labourer, and his place of residence as Lawrence. Florence was aged 20 at the time of her marriage, and therefore her father had to give consent to the marriage, and this is acknowledged on the certificate. She was the daughter of John BUTCHER, a farmer, and Annabella McFARLANE.

James and Florence were to have a family of eight children; three of who did not marry: James ANDERSON b. 24th December 1906 at Lawrence, NSW Ethel May ANDERSON  b. 15th December 1908 at Lawrence, NSW Ivy Cecilia ANDERSON b. 1910 at Lawrence, NSW Sylvia ANDERSON b. 29th September 1912 at Lawrence, NSW Mervyn George ANDERSON  b. 21st April 1915 at Lawrence, NSW Allan ANDERSON  b. Raymond Lewis ANDERSON  b. 22nd May 1924 at Murwillumbah, NSW Clifford Aubrey ANDERSON b. 5th July 1923 at Murwillumbah, NSW