Daniel Anderson

1.2.7 – 7th child of Samuel Anderson and Elizabeth Timbs

Daniel ANDERSON                                       Maria BAILEY

b.1864                                                                   b.1870

at Jamberoo, NSW                                             at Shoalhaven, NSW

d.25th January 1942                                          d. 2nd June 1957

at Beaumont, NSW                                             at Beaumont, NSW


Daniel and Maria were married on the 29th August in 1926 at the home of Maria’s parents, John and Eliza (Beth) Bailey. At the time of their marriage Daniel was aged 62 and Maria was 56. They were to have no children. They are buried together at Berry Cemetery.

From Journey Through Timbs;

 Daniel Anderson farmed at Beaumont for many years. When he retired from farming in 1921 he disposed of his farming assets to Mr Keys. When Daniel died in 1942 he owned 98+ acres in Parish Coolangatta County Camden close to rail and factory and divided into 13 paddocks. However, the land was low lying and subject to floods.

Improvements on the land were a cottage of 5 rooms and kitchen with front and side verandahs. dairy and bails, feed shed, implement shed and another old shed. The farm was rented to Douglas Skelton. Daniel also owned a town Lot 24 Section Sin Station Street, Berry on which was an old weatherboard cottage of 4 rooms, kitchen, bathroom, detached laundry and a wood shed.