Walter John Anderson – 1st child of Samuel Anderson and Sophia Alice Bailey

Walter John ANDERSON                                      Mary Jane BEACOM

b. 18th August 1886                                                   b. 1st May 1887

at Berry, NSW                                                               at Berry, NSW

d. 14th November 1969                                               d. 30th September 1968

at Coffs Harbour, NSW                                              at Charmhaven, NSW

Walter and Mary Jane, who was known as Jane, married at Berry on the 3rd November 1906. Jane was the daughter of William Arthur Beacom and Mary Ann Condon. After the birth of their first two sons Walter and Jane made the decision to move to the north coast area. It is known that they arrived at Coffs Harbour in 1910 and they travelled by boat, but the lack of domestic shipping records for the area make it difficult to ascertain which boat they arrived. At the time Coffs Harbour was a thriving timber port and there were many small ships travelling up and down the coastline. The remainder of their family were born in the Bellingen and Coffs Harbour area. They had a selection of property just south of Coffs at Boambee on England’s Road.

 Walter worked for many years prior to his retirement as a railways fettler on the Dorrigo to Glenreagh line and Jane was the local midwife at Glenreagh.  Shortly before their deaths Walter and Jane moved to Charmhaven to be closer to one of their daughters and it was here that Jane passed away after collapsing whilst at the clothesline. Walter died a little over a year later after being hit by a car in Victoria Street Coffs Harbour near the hospital whilst visiting his brother Joe who was dying of throat cancer. They are both buried at Coffs Harbour, in the Historical Cemetery.

Walter and Mary Anderson and their eldest four children: Walter, Harold, Jean and Kenneth. Photo taken c 1913

Walter and Mary Anderson and their eldest four children: Walter, Harold, Jean and Kenneth.
Photo taken c 1913

Their family was as follows:    Walter Cecil ANDERSON b. 9th May 1907 at Berry, NSW    Harold Cameron ANDERSON b. 26th January 1909 at Berry, NSW    Jean Elizabeth Maude ANDERSON b. 24th November 1910 at Bellingen.    Kenneth William ANDERSON b. 12th December 1912 at Bellingen    Heather May ANDERSON  b. 26th February 1915 at Bellingen, NSW    Betsie Beacom ANDERSON  b. 28th May 1917 at Bellingen, NSW    Ivy Peace ANDERSON  b. 6th July 1919 at Bellingen, NSW    Alec John ANDERSON b. 2nd May 1921 at Bellingen, NSW    Lawrence Andrew ANDERSON  b. 5th January 1924 at Bellingen, NSW  Gordon Samuel ANDERSON b. 20th June 1928 at Bellingen, NSW