Joseph Samuel Anderson – 4th child of Samuel Anderson and Sophia Alice Bailey

Joseph Samuel Anderson                                     Helen Ada Muggleton

b.18th May 1891                                                      b.14th September 1902

at Berry, NSW                                                          at Junction Reefs, near Carcoar, NSW

d.8th December 1969                                             d.19th July 1974

at Coffs Harbour, NSW                                          at Brisbane, NSW


Joseph and Helen, known as Nellie, were married at Bonville, near Coffs Harbour, on the 22nd December 1919. They were to have a large family of ten children, nine surviving, and were later to divorce on the 13th October 1949.

Joe and Helen’s family were as follows:  Thomas William  ANDERSON b&d.3rd February 1921 at Coffs Hbr, NSW  Alice Muriel ANDERSON b.10th December 1921 at Coffs Harbour, NSW  Colin Joseph ANDERSON b.22nd March 1923 at Coffs Harbour, NSW  Gladys Barbara ANDERSON b.8th January 1925 at Coffs Harbour, NSW  Lorna Helen ANDERSON b.11th January 1926 at Coffs Harbour, NSW  John Phillip ANDERSON b.14th July 1932 at Coffs Harbour, NSW  Stuart Dawson ANDERSON b.13th July 1933 at Coffs Harbour, NSW  Valma Doreen ANDERSON b.25th January 1937 at Coffs Harbour, NSW  Bruce Barry  ANDERSON b.5th March 1938 at Coffs Harbour, NSW Arthur Lindsay ANDERSON  b.19th March 1940 at Coffs Harbour, NSW

Joseph was born at Berry on the South Coast of NSW and moved to Bonville around 1910, where he selected farming land along with his fathers and brothers. Joe had also worked for Percy Dunn’s sawmill at Glenreagh for 10 years. Joe and Nellie lived at Bonville, NSW and dairy farmed before moving into Coffs Harbour to live.

Joe dairy farmed and worked at Dunn’s sawmill in Glenreagh for ten years. Joseph married Helen Ada Muggleton at Bonville on 22-12-1919. Helen was born 14-9-1902; she was the daughter of Susan Muggleton and William Wheeler. During the Depression Joe joined the Government Railways as a Fettler.

Joseph Samuel Anderson and Helen Ada Muggleton; at Bonville, NSW on 22nd December 1919

Joseph Samuel Anderson and Helen Ada Muggleton; at Bonville, NSW on 22nd December 1919

They were farming at the time of the Depression of the 1930’s and this is when Joe joined the then, ‘Government Railways’ as a sick and accident relief fettler and he stayed in that position for 23 of the 27 years that he worked for the railways. Joe retired in 1951 and was presented with a gift of two smoking pipes. Most of his time on the railways was spent in the South Grafton division and stationed at Coffs Harbour.

After leaving Joe, Helen moved to Lismore and then Brisbane. Helen lived in MT Gravatt until she died. Joe moved to Glenreagh sometime between 1953 and 1956. Joe did casual work in Dunn’s mill for several years; he spent most of his later years in Glenreagh and could often be found at the “Golden Dog”. After being diagnosed with cancer Joe moved into Coffs Harbour to live with John, his son. Joe’s condition worsened. Joe died on 8-12-1969 in Coffs Harbour Hospital from throat cancer he was 78 years.