Frank Edgar Anderson – 7th child of Samuel Anderson and Sophia Alice Bailey

Frank Edgar ANDERSON                                                       Linda May SAVINS

b.19th December 1897                                                                      b.23rd March 1904

at Bellawongarah, NSW                                                                     at Raleigh, NSW

d.5th April 1978                                                                                   d.5th March 1945

at Coffs Harbour, NSW                                                                      at Revesby, NSW

Frank had very little schooling and left home at an early age, unable to read or write. He had a variety of jobs to about 1925 when he selected 49 1/2 acres of virgin land at the foot of Red Hill, near Coffs Harbour, which he commenced clearing in preparation for planting bananas.

By the end of 1926 Frank had met and married Linda, a single mum with a little boy called Laurence. Linda was the eighth child and youngest daughter of Frederick Herbert SAVINS (b. 8th July 1861 at Sydney, NSW and d.29th August 1930 at Sawtell, NSW) and Martha PRICE (b. 5th July 1868 at Macleay River, NSW and d. 13th March 1954 at Sydney, NSW). Frank had already built a house on the land he had cleared prior to his marriage.

Frank and Linda’s first child, Lance had been born and died from that house, and their next three children Marjory, Sandy and Joan were born while they lived at Red Hill. Frank had eight acres under bananas and in the early thirties was doing well. He employed men to assist him with the bananas, clearing land and planting more bananas.

Frank & Linda’s first home at Red Hill, near Coffs Harbour. (c. 1926)

Frank & Linda’s first home at Red Hill, near Coffs Harbour. (c. 1926)

He borrowed money from the bank to improve the property, but when the Great Depression struck and things went terribly wrong, they had to sell out, pre-empting a foreclosure from the bank. The property was sold to a Mr Lucas, who still owned it in 1994. The house survived until the late 1980’s.

In Frank’s spare time, when it was to wet to work outside, Linda, who had a full primary school education, taught him to read and write from the only book they owned, her bible. After the property was sold, the family moved to Sawtell, renting a house on the Lyon’s Estate. Later they moved to Hulberts, now Toormina. While at Hulberts, their next three children Joyce, Roma and Dawn were born.

During the depression Frank, like many others, was not in permanent employment. He supported his  family by taking whatever jobs he could get and by working on the Unemployed Relief Work Scheme. This scheme shared whatever work was available amongst the unemployed and was usually in the nature of Government funded public works.

Linda kept a record of income by her husband for the latter part of 1936 which shows the various jobs he worked at in that period which included cutting logs, posts and sleepers, grubbing out stumps, cleaning wells, clearing on the golf links and on the Reserve, as well as many other jobs. In 1937, Frank and Linda took over a Greengrocers shop at Chinaman’s Creek, Sawtell (now a liquor store). Frank owned a cart and two horses named Doreen and Tommy. Frank and Linda sold from the cart around Sawtell. Laurie was old enough to help by then, both in the shop and on the run. The family lived in accommodation at the shop.

Frank & Linda Anderson

In 1938, Frank got a job with the Railway Department, so the family moved back to a rented house on the Lyon’s Estate. Frank’s new job often caused him to be away from his family, living at Railway Construction sites. The twins, Heather and Frank were born during this period. Linda’s need for frequent medical treatment made it necessary for the family to move to the city, so they moved to Revesby, Sydney in 1942, where Frank worked at the Chullora railway workshops. As Linda’s health deteriorated she became to ill to care for their children so her mother Martha SAVINS took over the role and helped nurse Linda until her death in 1945 at the age of 40.

Martha continued to help care for the children until the 19th October 1946, when Frank married Alma Murial MOORE (Prev: HALL, and nee McLEAN) (b.7th November 1898 at Maclean, NSW and d. 30th December 1972 at Caringbah, NSW) at Bankstown, NSW. Alma was the daughter of Hector Hugh MACLEAN (b.1855) and Minna Sophie Frederikke EBELING (b.1859 in Kolding, Denmark). Alma bought two sons into her marriage with Frank, John Henry and Gordon Leonard.

Frank’s health was deteriorating from the dust on his lungs from the sandblasting involved in his work at Chullora, and by 1948, he was no longer able to work, so he was granted the Invalid Pension. In the spring of 1949 it was decided to shift the family back to the country, this time back to a little village called Bo-Bo, four miles from Ulong, on the Eastern Dorrigo. By the end of 1950, only Sandy and the three youngest kids were left at home with Frank and Alma, and Sandy moved on soon after. In 1952, the family moved to Moonee Beach and in 1954 Alma left the family, going back to Sydney to live.

After a long relationship with Mona HOLDEN (nee Aspinall)(b. 1908 & d. 16th December 1976), Frank married her in Coffs Harbour on 29th April 1971. Frank loved fishing and gardening, he also loved to play his button accordion. He lived at Moonee Beach, until his death in 1978 and is buried beside his third wife in the Coffs Harbour Historical Cemetery.

The children of Frank’s first marriage to Linda May Savins and their descendants are as follows below: Lawrence ANDERSON  b. 25th September 1924 at Maitland, NSW Lance Frederick ANDERSON  b. 6th January 1928 at Coffs Harbour, NSW Marjory ANDERSON  b. 30th November 1929 at Coffs Harbour, NSW Norman Alexander ANDERSON  b. 3rd April 1931 at Coffs Harbour, NSW Betty Joan ANDERSON b. 19th January 1933 at Coffs Harbour, NSW Linda Joyce ANDERSON  b. 16th September 1934 at Coffs Harbour, NSW Roma Dorothy ANDERSON  b. 27th November 1935 at Coffs Harbour, NSW Alma Dawn ANDERSON b. 28th January 1937 at Coffs Harbour, NSW Heather Alice ANDERSON  b. 17th July 1940 at Coffs Harbour, NSW Frank Herbert ANDERSON b. 17th July 1940 at Coffs Harbour, NSW