William Frederick Victor Anderson – 11th child of John Anderson and Elizabeth Evison

William Frederick Victor ANDERSON       Jessie M TORRENS

b. 12th May 1897                                                          b.

at Bellingen, NSW                                                      at

d. 22nd August 1982                                                    d. 22nd November 1926

Cremated: Northern Suburbs Crem, NSW            Buried at East Lismore Cemetery


William and Jessie were married in 1921. They had two children before Jessie passed away five years later and William later remarried in 1930 to Irene Alison THOMAS. Irene passed away, aged 59 and was cremated at Northern Suburbs also. William and Irene had four children. William’s children from both marriages were as below: Madge ANDERSON                                        b. 1922 married Mr WOOLNOUGH Norma Eileen ANDERSON                           b. 1924 married Mr MORGADO Jean (Bonnie) ANDERSON                           b. 1928 married Mr ROBERTS Doreen Joy ANDERSON                               b. 1932 married Mr ROBINSON Margaret ANDERSON                                    b. 1935 married Mr KAY Robin Valerie ANDERSON                            b. 1937 married Mr Bilton SMITH


Party for Visitor:

Members of a district family met recently at Alstonville to honour a Syndey visitor, Mr William Frederick Anderson.

It was Mr Anderson’s 80th birthday and the party was a chance for many members of his family to meet him for the first time. Three family groups, each with five generations, attended the party.

It was held at the home of Mr and Mrs Brian McSkimmings and the birthday cake was made and decorated by Mr Anderson’s great great niece, June McSkimmings.

Mr Anderson is a veteran of World War 1 and had owned a store in the Jiggi – Georgica area. During World War Two he was a recruiting officer at Tamworth.

The Northern Star: Friday May 20th, 1977; page 10.

WFE Anderson