John Anderson

1.2.2 – 2nd child of Samuel Anderson and Elizabeth Timbs

John ANDERSON                                                          Elizabeth EVISON

b. 29th August 1852                                                              b. 1855

near Jamberoo, NSW                                                            at Cambewarra, NSW

d. 1931 at Lismore, NSW                                                       d. 1940 Lismore, NSW


John Anderson and Elizabeth Evison were married on the 12th February 1878 at Shoalhaven, NSW. Elizabeth was the daughter of James Evison and Rebecca Piper and the sister of Thomas Albert Evison, who was to marry John’s elder sister Sarah. John and Elizabeth Anderson were to have a family of four boys and seven girls including a set of twins. Their family are as listed below:    George Robert ANDERSON b. 3rd June 1879 at Cambewarra.    Ellen Maud ANDERSON b. 11th Oct 1880 at Bellingen.    Margaret ANDERSON (T) b. 8th August 1882 at Bellingen, NSW    Alice Rebecca ANDERSON (T) b. 8th August 1882 at Bellingen, NSW    John Albert ANDERSON b. 16th Nov 1884 at Cambewarra.    Ivy Priscilla ANDERSON b. 28th October 1886 at Bellingen.    Elizabeth May ANDERSON b. 14th August 1888 at Boat Harbour, NSW    Ada Florence ANDERSON  b. 30th October 1890 at Bellingen, NSW    Edith Hope ANDERSON b.1893 at Bellingen, NSW  Samuel Leslie ANDERSON  b. 11th February 1894 at Bellingen, NSW  William Frederick Victor ANDERSON b. 12th May 1897 at Bellingen, NSW




The Late Mr John Anderson.

Following a short illness the death of Mr John Anderson occurred at the residence of his daughter (Mrs R A Morrow) on May 28th. The late Mr Anderson was born at Jamberoo on the South Coast in 1852, but removed from there to Cambewarra with his parents at the age of nine years. As a boy he worked on a dairy farm and went to the Lachlan. From there he went to Cootamundra, where he commenced a carrying business. He married Miss Elizabeth EVISON, and started dairying at Cambewarra, but after three years sold out, left the south coast and with his wife and family and brother-in-law (Mr T Evison) left with the intention of coming to Lismore.

Having learned of land available for selection on the Bellinger River however, the party decided to stop there. Mr Anderson had to walk 80 miles to Kempsey to make his application for land. He secured a block and commenced to clear it, but in the progress of the work a falling tree killed his mate. Mr Anderson shortly afterwards disposed of his selection and began road contracting. He was a partner in the firm that constructed the first section of the Dorrigo cutting. Later he secured a property at Thora on the Bellinger River, where he lived with his family for about seven years.

During this period a large area was cleared and Mr Anderson commenced corn growing, but in order to provide his family with food and clothing he was compelled to carry on road contracting. After the first crop of corn was harvested the owner was faced with the problem of transport to the boat for shipment to Sydney. Mr Anderson decided to haul his own produce, and provided himself with the necessary equipment for the purpose. He was considered to be the first man to use a horse team with wagon for carrying purposes in that district. He also claimed to be the first man to own and use a horsepower threshing machine.

Being desirous of securing a property of his own, he selected another property at Gordonville a few miles away. He lived on this farm for eight years and as corn growing and as corn growing and dairying became unprofitable business in the Bellingen district, he decided to dispose of this property.


R to L (Back Row): Edie, May, George, Maud, Jack, Maggie, Florrie R to L: (Front Row): Ivy, John, Elizabeth, Pat and Bill.

R to L (Back Row): Edie, May, George, Maud, Jack, Maggie, Florrie
R to L: (Front Row): Ivy, John, Elizabeth, Pat and Bill.

Again he turned his eyes towards the Richmond River, and this time set out with his wife and family travelling this time by road, the journey taking them two weeks. He brought with him twenty head of cattle and seven horses, and settled on a farm at Marom Creek, owned by the late Mr Fred Evison. As the area was small, he remained there only twelve months and then leased a property from the late Mr C Austey at Tregeagle, then known as Cedar Grove. From here he supplied milk to Foley Bros. separating station at Cedar Grove, but in a few years he purchased a hand separator. During his eleven years at Tregeagle he was successful and eventually sold out and purchased a property at Numulgi, which he worked for two years. He then lived in Lismore with his family for another two years before purchasing a property at Rosebank, where he again began dairying.

Shortly afterwards the Great War broke out and his two sons Samuel and William enlisted. Having lost the help of his boys, Mr Anderson was unable to carry on the dairy, so he leased the property and moved to Mullumbimby, living privately until after the war. 


On the return of his sons they purchased a going concern at Billinudgel, and their father and mother went to reside with them, but later on Mr Anderson purchased a farm on the Main Arm, Mullumbimby, where he again took up dairying. In a short time, however, he leased the property and lived in retirement until his death.

John & Elizabeth on their golden wedding anniversary.

John & Elizabeth on their golden wedding anniversary.

A little over three years ago Mr and Mrs Anderson celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, when all members of their family attended and made a presentation. Mr Anderson leaves a widow and family. Members of the family are Mesdames W Kuhn (Brisbane), J F Buckley (Alphadale), A Lavender (Bellingen), E W Clark (Goonellabah), W L Smith (Numulgi), R A and Albert Morrow (Clunes), Messrs. George (Jiggi), John (Bowraville), Samuel (Ballina), and William (Georgica). There are also 62 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. The funeral took place in the Presbyterian portion of the Lismore, four sons and two son-in-laws acting as pallbearers. Rev A.J.Parker conducted a service at the church and officiated at the graveside. The funeral arrangements were in the hands of Messrs. Will Riley and Son.


  • The Northern Star 2nd July 1931
Edie, Florrie and May Anderson.

Edie, Florrie and May Anderson.