Jane Ellen Anderson – 1st child of Sarah Anderson

Jane Ellen ANDERSON                           Christopher KING

b. 30th October 1876                                        b.1863

at Shoalhaven, NSW                                         at


at Berry, NSW


Jane Ellen Anderson and Christopher KING were married in 1894 at Berry, on the South Coast. Christopher was the son of William KING and Charity Grace DENNIS. Jane and Christopher were to have a family of ten children, as follows:  Ethel J KING                                                      b. & d. 1896 at Berry, NSW  James KING                                                      b. & d. 1897 at Nowra, NSW  Florence E KING                                               b. 1899 at Berry, NSW  Christopher E KING                                         b. 1902 at Berry, NSW  Stanley W KING                                                 b. 1904 at Berry, NSW  Alick Herbert KING                                          b. 1908 at Berry, NSW  Walter J KING                                                    b. 1909 at Berry, NSW  Sarah G KING                                                    b. 1911 at Berry, NSW  Emily E KING                                                     b. 1913 at Berry, NSW John A KING                                                     b. 1915 at Berry, NSW