Samuel Timbs

1.4.5 – 5th child of Catherine Anderson and Henry Timbs

Samuel TIMBS                                                Eliza Ann CLARKE            

b.1863                                                                       b. 15th September 1871

at Jerrara Creek, NSW                                           at Berry, NSW

d. 21st December 1923                                            d. 24th July 1933

at Goonengerry, NSW                                            at Ballina, NSW

Samuel and Eliza were married in 1887 at Berrima, NSW. Eliza was the daughter of Robert CLARKE and Catherine STRONG. They had a large family of fifteen children: Mary Jane TIMBS  b. 22nd September 1888 at Broughton Ck, NSW James Henry TIMBS  b. 30th October 1889 at Broughton Ck, NSW Florence May TIMBS  b. 8th May 1891 at Berry, NSW Samuel Charles TIMBS  b. 3rd November 1892 at Nowra, NSW Herman John TIMBS  b. 8th June 1894 at Nowra, NSW Robert S TIMBS   b. 8th September 1895 at Berry, NSW Annie Catherine TIMBS b. 30th October 1897 at Berry, NSW Martha Elizabeth TIMBS b. 1st January 1899 at Berry, NSW Beatrice Eveline TIMBS  b. 8th December 1900 at Berry, NSW Lillian Ellen TIMBS  b. 4th January 1902/03 at Lismore, NSW Louisa Alice TIMBS b. 23rd July 1905 at Lismore, NSW Cecil Alexander TIMBS b. 10th April 1908 at Ballina, NSW Daisy Irene TIMBS b. 4th March 1910 at Murwillumbah, NSW Mabel Violet TIMBS b. 23rd November 1911 at Murwillumbah, NSW Amy E TIMBS b. 17th July 1916 at Murwillumbah, NSW

The family lived in the Berry district until around 1900 when they were on a farm in Strong’s Road Jaspers  Brush. They like many others, moved to the North Coast of NSW, and settled on a farm at Goonengerry near Byron Bay.

When Samuel died on 21 December 1923, at Goonengerry he owned 146 acres at Goonengerry, being  part portions 15 and 16.  Parish Jasper County Rous, on which was erected a 6-roomed wooden house with iron roof.  The property was valued at 3,900 pounds.

The estate was to be held in Trust for Eliza during her lifetime and widowhood and provision was made for unmarried daughters Eliza Ann Timbs (nee Clarke) died in 1935. Eliza and Samuel Timbs are buried in Clunes Cemetry.