Mary Catherine Timbs

1.4.8 – 8th child of Catherine Anderson and Henry Timbs

Mary Catherine TIMBS                             Jonas JONES Jnr

b.14th December 1870                                          b. 1860

at Jerrara Creek, NSW                                        at Jamberoo, NSW

d. 15th March 1944                                                d. 1st July 1936

at Marshall Mt, NSW                                           at Marshall Mt, NSW

Mary and Jonas were married in 1897 at Marshall Mt, NSW. Jonas was the son of Jonas and Betsy JONES. They were to have two daughters; Annie Margaret JONES  b. 1901 at Marshall Mt, NSW & d. 16th September 1976 at Marshall Mt, NSW Grace Elizabeth JONES  b. 17th October 1903 at Marshall Mt, NSW