John William Timbs

1.4.3 – 3rd child of Catherine Anderson and Henry Timbs

John William TIMBS                                        Clara Elizabeth LANGLEY

b.18th October 1858                                                   b. 26th January 1860

at Kiama, NSW                                                            at Berry, NSW

d. 13th December 1896                                                d. 25th October 1936

at Marshall Mount, NSW                                           at Marshall Mount, NSW

John and Clara were married on the 18th December 1882 at Kangaroo Valley, NSW. Clara was the daughter of Charles LANGLEY and Emma SHERGOLD. She was born on Berry Mountain — her mother had travelled there to be with her own mother when she gave birth to her first child.

They had five daughters as follows: Clara Elizabeth TIMBS b. 29th November 1883 at Berry Mt, NSW Maude Mary TIMBS  b. 26th Jan 1885 at Kangaroo Valley, NSW Kathleen ‘Kit’ Anne TIMBS  b. 16th August 1886 at Marshall Mt, NSW Margaret Adele TIMBS  b. 4th March 1889 at Marshall Mt, NSW

d. 2nd August 1970 at Sydney, NSW Florence Emma TIMBS  b. 9th October 1892 at Marshall Mt, NSW


When he left the Valley and returned to Marshall Mt, John William farmed Lot 7 which was owned by James Rogan and was next door to his father’s Lot 6.

Wendy and Terry Nunan tell a little of the history of Lot 7 in their book ‘The Black Swan “:

‘In 1885 a Police Survey listed James Rogan as living on 450 acres at Tullinbar(sic) with 11 horses, 100 cattle and 30 pigs. The Marshall Mount Estate was auctioned in 1891 and James bought Lot 7 consisting of 971% acres. The Marshall Mount Creek ran through this block. Ida not think James ever actually lived on it but rather bought it as an investment and probably leased it out.” In 1908, “When he died, this block was left to Elizabeth and Thomas and then”in 1921 “after Elizabeth’s death, to Thomas. Thomas sold it in 1930 to Mr Mullaney. In March 1893, James wrote to the Central Illawarra Council to inform them that he had leased all his land that was in their municipality (the Marshall Mount block) to MrJ W Timbs and for them to put Timbs’ name on the rate book in place of his own. In July, 1893, the Central Illawarra Council received a letter from Mr Hamilton Osborne dedicating a road I chain wide, beginning at the corner of Marshall Mount School grounds and passing through the lands purchased by MReen, JSmith, G Tim bs, J& N Dawes, WMathie, J Rogan and McDonough to Marshall Mount Creek. This would be the present day North Marshall Mount Road.”

Today Lot 7 is the site of Hancock’s Horse Stud.

On l3 Dec 1896 John William Timbs died unexpectedly leaving his young widow, Clara with 5 young girls to raise. Clara’s father-in-law, Henry Timbs lived with Clara and the girls until his death in 1899. After Clara’s mother died in 1904 she brought her father, Charles Langley to Marshall Mt to live until his death in 1917. They continued to farm Lot 7 until 1912 when Maude Timbs married Caleb Dawes and the family moved down Calderwood Rd to where the Dawes farm is still today.

From Journey Through TIMBS – A History and Family Tree of William Timbs and his descendants.