Elizabeth Timbs

1.4.1 – 1st child of Catherine Anderson and Henry Timbs

Elizabeth TIMBS                                                            John BEACOM

b.1854                                                                                       b.1840

at Fountaindale, NSW                                                           at Drumborty, Fermanagh, Ireland.

d.27th August 1933                                                                  d.8th August 1900

at Barrengarry, NSW                                                              at Barrengarry, NSW

Elizabeth Timbs was to give birth to a girl, Lilly Evangaline on the 18th September 1876 at Fountaindale. On the 14th June 1879 little Lilly died of “worm fever” at Fountaindale. Her death certificate states that her parents are Henry and Catherine TIMBS. Lilly was buried the next day, the 15th June 1879 at the Wesleyan Church, Jamberoo, NSW. Elizabeth TIMBS and John BEACOM were married on the 29th May in 1883 at the Anglican Church in Barrengarry, NSW in the presence of John Thomas WILLIAMS and Clara Elizabeth TIMBS (wife of John William TIMBS, Elizabeth’s brother). John was the son of John BEACOM and Jane McFARLAND.

The Beacom Family

Elizabeth, David, John Beacom, Joseph, Isabella, Elizabeth (nee Timbs) and Margaret.

John Beacom settled and farmed in Kangaroo Valley where he took an active part in public matters and was never afraid to voice his own opinion, no matter what. During his time on the Board of Directors of Barrengarry Dairy Company he was reported in the local newspaper to have been very upset about the use of bad language in the Dairy factory yard and asked for more consideration from the perpetrators.

 For many years John Beacom suffered from “chronic indigestion” and at the time of his death on Tuesday the 8th August 1900 from carcinoma of the stomach, was being treated by three doctors. His burial was in the Church of England portion of the Kangaroo Valley Cemetery on Wednesday the 9th August 1900 was well attended as he was highly respected and, coincidentally, it just happened to be Sale Day in the Valley!

 John’s will provided as follows:

Joseph on reaching 25 years of age inherited the Barrengarry farm (100 acres) and if required was to pay his mother 7/- per week. David on reaching 25 years of age inherited the Budgong farm (90 acres) and if required was to pay his mother 8/- per week. On the death of John’s aunt, Mrs McFarland his property at St Peter’s was to be sold and the proceeds divided between the three daughters when the youngest Isabella turned 21 in 1912. However, as John Beacom pre-deceased Mrs McFarland this property never belonged to him! The family was entitled to live in the Barrengarry house until Joseph turned 25 in 1911. Should his wife, Elizabeth “again marry or seriously misconduct herself” she was to be cut off with 1/-.

From Journey Through TIMBS – A History and Family Tree of William Timbs and his descendants.

Elizabeth and John BEACOM were to have a family of six children, not including Elizabeth’s first daughter. One of their sons, John was stillborn or died shortly after, and their two remaining sons, David and Joseph, were killed in action in France in World War One.

Elizabeth & John Beacom & family

Elizabeth & John Beacom & family    Lilly Evangeline TIMBS  b.18th September 1876 at Fountaindale, NSW    Joseph Archdall BEACOM b.1884 at Robertson, NSW    Margaret Ann BEACOM  b.1886 at Kangaroo Valley, NSW    Elizabeth Jane BEACOM  b.1888 at Kangaroo Valley, NSW    John BEACOM b&d.1890 at Nowra, NSW    Isabella BEACOM   b.8th August 1891 at Barrengarry, NSW    David Henry BEACOM b.1894 at Berrigan, NSW


On the 4th May 1904 at Barrengarry, Elizabeth Beacom (nee TIMBS) married a neighbour who was also an executor of her husband’s estate, John CHITTICK, a widower with five children.