Catherine Anderson

Catherine ANDERSON                                                                                                           Henry TIMBS

b.1833                                                                                                   b.22nd August 1830

at Inverness Croy, Scotland.                                                             at Ashendon, England.

d.20th October 1896                                                                            d.8th June 1899

at Marshall Mount, NSW                                                                    at Marshall Mount, NSW

Catherine Anderson and Henry TIMBS were married in 1853 at Kiama, NSW.  Henry, a farmer, was the son of William Timbs and Martha Pittan. William and Martha Timbs arrived in Australia on the 20th May in 1839 on the ship ‘Formosa’; with their young family including Henry aged nine.

Henry and Catherine farmed at Fountaindale, Kiama then Kangaroo Valley and finally back at Marshall Mount. All of their children were born at Fountaindale, except for John William who was born at Marshall Mount. In 1857 Henry bought 31+ acres at Jerrara Creek from his father, William, for 42 pounds. He reconveyed this property back to his father in December 1860 for 224 pounds.

It seems that Henry purchased 89 acres being Lot 13 at the Terry Meadows Estate Sale on the 18th June 1860 for 6 pounds/2/6 per acre. He fenced it into two paddocks and about 20 acres were cleared but there does not appear to be any evidence that he ever lived there.

Sometime after 1872 the family moved to Barrengarry, Kangaroo Valley where Henry received two grants of land by Conditional Purchase – one in 1874 for 100 acres County Camden, Parish of Bundarra and in 1879 another 50 acres. When the mortgage was discharged in 1895 the property was conveyed to Henrys son Frederick for 400 pounds.

 At Osborne’s Marshall Mount Estate Sale on the 26th June 1890, Henry bought 126 acres being Lot 6 for ten pounds/15/6 per acre. This property today is the site of the Calderwood Valley Golf Course. Calderwood Road bound Lot 6 on the south on the east by Lot 5 (owned by Julian Pearson), on the north by Lot 17 (owned by Gabriel Timbs) and Lot 16 (owned by James Dawes), and on the west by Lot 7 (owned by James Rogan). Marshall Mount Creek, part of Macquarie Rivulet, runs through the middle of the property.

Henry and Catherine farmed at Lot 6 until Catherine death on the 20th October 1896, at which time Henry went to live with his son, John William who was farming Lot 7. John William TIMBS died unexpectedly on the 13th December 1896, only six weeks after his mother. They were both buried in the Marshall Mount Cemetery.

A little less than three years later Henry died on the 8th June 1899 having suffered a brain concussion as a result of falling off his horse some 10 or 12 days beforehand. He too was buried in the Marshall Mount Cemetery nearby. Henry’s death was somewhat untimely. Although the property was valued at 1200 pounds, it was heavily mortgaged, and the estate was valued at only 213 pounds for Stamp Duty purposes. The only livestock owned by Henry were 32 cows, 1 bull and three horses. Frederick TIMBS, Henry and Catherine’s son, farmed Lot 6 for many years from the time his father went to live with John William until Frederick’s sons David and Henry married.

Catherine & Henry Timbs

Catherine & Henry Timbs

Catherine and Henry Timbs were to have a family of three daughters and four sons, as follows:


1.4.1       Elizabeth TIMBS                                                 b.1854 at Terry Meadows, NSW

1.4.2       David Henry TIMBS                                           b.1856 at Wollongong, NSW

1.4.3       John William TIMBS                                           b.18th October 1858 at Kiama, NSW

1.4.4       Frederick Alexander TIMBS                            b.1860 at Kiama, NSW

1.4.5       Samuel TIMBS                                                    b.1863 at Jerrara Creek, NSW

1.4.6       Alexander TIMBS                                               b.1866 at Kiama, NSW                                                                                                                                                                       d. 11th December 1915 at Redfern, NSW

1.4.7       Margaret TIMBS                                                 b.1868 at Kiama, NSW

1.4.8       Mary Catherine TIMBS                                      b.1871 at Kiama, NSW