John Allan McLean

1.1.8 – 3rd child of Anne Carberry and Allen McLean

John Allan McLEAN                                Florence Louisa ELLIOTT / SCOTT

b. Aug 1862 (reg: 8557)                                   b. 1st June 1881

at Jerrare, near Kiama, NSW                         at Wagga Wagga, NSW

d. 10th May 1924                                                d. 4th May 1947

at Banksia, NSW (buried at Worona)          at Berala, NSW (buried at Rookwood, NSW)


John and Florence married on the 1st February 1900 at Christ Church, Enmore. They had seven children: Allan J McLEAN                                                     b. 1900 (reg: 23752)

d. 1901 (reg: 10055) Flora E McLEAN                                                 b. 13th Dec 1902 at Banksia, NSW John Allan McLEAN                                             b. 18th June 1905 at Banksia, NSW Thelma C A McLEAN                                            b. 1909 at Banksia, NSW

d. 10th Mar 1926 at Banksia, NSW * Lillian J E McLEAN                                               b. 1912/3 at Banksia, NSW

d. 11th June 1914 at Banksia, NSW * Sydney Charles McLEAN                                   b. 15th Feb 1915 at Banksia, NSW Edith Jessie McLEAN                                          b. 22nd May 1919 at Banksia, NSW


* Thelma and Lillian are buried together at Worona Cemetery.

John Allan McLEAN lived in Rocky Point Road, Banksia upon discharge as a home service private from the 1st. Pioneer Battalion Reinforcements on 30th January 1911 after 106 days service. He was described by the army as of dark complexion, with greyey black hair, 5’ 6 ½ “ tall and blue eyes with the trade of carter. Florence was born in Currawarna, 16 miles west of Wagga to Henry ELLIOTT and Charlotte WHALEN and was married at age 19 though her wedding certificate states 16 – It is believed that Charlotte and her family were taken under the care of a Joseph William SCOTT upon the death of Henry ELLIOTT. The family took SCOTT’S surname when Florence was 4 yrs. old but there is no record that Charlotte ever married SCOTT. John Allan McLEAN was born at Jarrare, NSW and was 37 when married but gave his age as 35 on the Certificate of Marriage. The B.D.M. and his army discharge papers both give him as b. I862 but his marriage certificate has him as 35. A Woronora Cemetery record gives him as 60 at death probably because his wife Florence was the informant. He was a timekeeper at the Gas Co. Enmore when married.

John and Florence lived at Banksia in a weatherboard cottage next to a fruit shop both of which they owned. They both served in the shop and John carted the produce from the markets. The shop was on a large block, which backed on to Hattersley St., which is parallel and adjacent to the railway line. They built a new brick house at the back of the shop facing Hattersley St., and a few months later John died. Florence was not able to afford the repayments on the new house and was forced to move to cheaper accommodation in a semi-detached house in one of the avenues at Eastwood. At about this time a station was built at Banksia directly opposite the new house and Florence was able to get a good rent for it of approximately twice that which she was paying at Eastwood. There was also a small income front the shop and the house tint to it.

For a while Florence worked in a fruit shop but then obtained a shop in Blaxland Road (now Rowe St) at the bottom of the hill near Eastwood station. The family then lived over the shop. She made an arrangement with Burwood Laundries and operated a Laundry Depot. Her income was a mark-up of half on each item laundered and she made a little on the side washing men’s socks and shirts. An old lorry came every day from Burwood Laundries driven by Mr. Joe Gomes. He was a nice man and Florence allowed her daughter Edith to go with him some times on his rounds of the local district. Edith used to like to go because he always bought her a strawberry ice cream at Epping. They moved two or three times to different shops each time further up the hill of Rowe St, and once to a house in Welby St for about a year. This was made possible when Eric Goodhew the husband of Florence’s daughter Flora, who had died of TB moved in and paid board. Eric left and the family had to move back over the shop.

Sydney worked hard in Southwell’s grocer shop at Epping bringing home his pay to help support the family. He was sacked at age 21 because they would not pay him adult wages hut he got another position with much better conditions at Rutherford’s grocer shop Liverpool Road, infield. Sydney died in a nursing home in Shepparton Vic. having suffered a stroke that left him paralysed down one side some two years earlier. Edith went to Hornsby Domestic Science School for about a year and at age 14 was put to work in a clothing factory in a job her mother arranged for her without her knowledge. She began by tying cottons and sewing buttons at 12/6 a week and finished up working a sewing machine all day for £2.00 a week prior to leaving and getting married, She married Frank GRIME the school friend of her brother Sydney who she got to know when he came home to play after school.

With the family off her hands Florence gave up the Laundry Depot and bought a house at 13 Lidbury St, Berala for £200.00 at £15.00 deposit and 15/- a week. Joseph William SCOTT and his wife Mary moved in with her and paid board. After Joseph and Mary had died Florence developed cancer and her youngest daughter Edith and her husband and their son moved in and Edith cared for Florence until her death. Edith inherited the house at Berala and shared the proceeds of the sale of the old house and shop with Sydney. Jack purchased what was referred to as the new house at Banksia from Edith and Sydney at valuation and later sold it for enough to buy him and his wife a unit.